The Cannes Award-Winning Film Mystery

by Claire, Hadrien, Lauren, Manon, and Oriane


Good afternoon ladies & gentlemen, this is the News for today, the 28th of June 2006 – with me, Claire.

Later in the programme, we will hear the rest of the news – but first, our reporter Lauren went to Cannes last month for you.

She interviewed the  three award-winning film stars Manon, Oriane, and Hadrien


On the red carpet here in Cannes the atmosphere is really tense for our three new stars

(the stars appear)

Reporter to first star

Please tell me, Hadrien, why did you choose to become an actor?

1st star

It was a child’s dream – and anyway, it was written in the stars


What is your role in the film?

1st star

I am the hero and all my fans say that I am the best!

Surely you saw that when you saw the film?

(the other two stars react to this (they frown, they turn towards the first star))

2nd star


“my fans ... my fans ... my fans...” he is always talking about his fans.

It’s all he cares about!

Reporter, to the 2nd star

What about you, Oriane, what is your part?

2nd star

I love my part because it really matches my personality and my looks!

And the screenplay was written specially for me!

Reporter (to 2nd star)

What exactly is your part in the film?

3rd star (interrupts)

Her’s is just a secondary part. Mine is important because I am the key to the mystery.

Anyway, I look much better on the film than she does.

Reporter (confused)

But what is the mystery?!

Can you please explain, Manon?!

3rd star

If you want to  know the answer, you should go to see the film!

All (finally in agreement)

Yes, [1] our award-winning film will be [2] in cinemas all over the world [3] starting next week.

(The stars go away together – along the red carpet)

(still confused)

Er?, ...,  hmm, ... I am sorry, er, ... and now, back to the studio – Claire?

Announcer (surprised)

(turns to the audience)


Er, yes, well, er... thank you, Lauren... it all seems very mysterious to me !

Thank you for listening. I’ll be back another day with more news about the arts.

And now let us continue our evening’s entertainment.