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Christmas at Play and Learn

how to make a six-pointed star

Christmas Star decorations


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The following instructions can be used to make flat paper stars which are six-pointed (or with five or other numbers of points).

1.                  Fold a piece of paper in half.

2.                  Fold twice, at an angle, in such a way that there are three equal-angled segments.

3.                  Fold the resulting shape in two and then cut out triangles from various
edges of the shape.

4.                  Unfold your star, flattening each fold carefully.

5.                  If your star is coloured (for example you can make it from a magazine advertisement or other coloured paper), it can be pasted onto a Christmas card. If you star is white, you can paste it on a window.

5-pointed and seven-pointed stars

If you prefer five points, then you should have two and a half equal segments in step 2 above.

If you want seven points, then you should have three and a half equal segments in step 2.

Eight points is easy! Nine and more points become difficult because the folded paper becomes difficult to cut precisely.

A Christmas card from a single sheet of paper

It is possible to make a Christmas card (with a cut-out star) by folding a piece of A4 paper exactly into four, and then very carefully folding one of the quarter-sheets as above, before cutting out triangles in a similar way.


We wish you all a very Merry Christmas
nd a Happy New Year!


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