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Rowing on the Seine

Rowing is an ancient sport, best-known perhaps because of the annual Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

France is a strong rowing nation, often getting rowing medals in the Olympics or in the World Championships.

People of all ages and of all physical abilities can row (you must be able to swim). Rowing helps you to concentrate and to relax, and to work in a team with other people. It is an excellent way to stay physically fit, and as a rower you will be very welcome in other rowing clubs all over the cncc croisset canteleu : click to visit world.

Club Nautique de Belbeuf: click to visit www.cnbelbeuf.frIf you live in Franqueville Saint Pierre (or elsewhere on the plateau est de Rouen) then Belbeuf Rowing Club (C.N.B.) is the easiest and the nearest for you. You can also go either to the Ile Lacroix in Rouen (C.N.A.R.) or to Croisset-Canteleu (C.N.C.C.)

cnar rouen : click to visitCome and see the C.N.B. club-house, come and row with us.
You could go out on the Seine, either rowing in an eight or a four, or sculling.

You can find out more about rowing by visiting www.cnbelbeuf.fr (click), clicking on the club-logos or by asking Jan

rowing = l'aviron = ramer a scull = un skiff an eight = un huit
to row = ramer an oar = une rame a blade = une pelle
rowing, to row = to use one oar, with two hands sculling, to scull = to use two oars, one in each hand the cox = the coxswain = le barreur

article by Jan Wikramaratna


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