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To read or not to read

My first name is Sylvie. I retired a year ago. I was a primary school teacher, working with children who had serious learning difficulties and/or with mentally deficient children.

My own son, who is 34 now, is mentally deficient, and learned to read from 6 to 10 years old. He can read everything now, in the streets, on TV, in news papers… Even if he doesn’t understand all the meanings, he’s so proud of it!
I just want to say that most of them are really able to learn reading. There are many different ways and methods to succeed, even if it takes a long time.

Reading is so important for them! It’s like an open window through the world. It’s much more than just decoding a text.

I know too many adults placed in specialised establishments who can’t read, and we never tried to give them a chance to learn.

Fortunately, the situation has changed since the introduction of a new law in 2005. There are now specialized teachers in the IMEs * for 6-year-old children. On the other hand there are less and less positions in ordinary schools to teach the “different” pupils.

I just wanted to write about this subject and make you aware of it.
Now that you are aware of the problem, you can do something about it!

article by Sylvie Le Dall © 2010-02

IMEs = Instituts Médicaux Educatifs = specialised
educational institution for children between 6 and 14
aware = conscient through = à travers

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