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My favourite book -or- How to avoid eating your ovens by Nicole

It’s my best help to find out the words I need. As I first think “in French”, the easiest way to write in English seems to translate word for word, looking in an ordinary dictionary.

You know the result : ”I like eating little ovens”. It’s rather hard to savour !!

An answer is in the “ROGET’S THESAURUS”. Start with an approximate word such as “CAKE”.

In front of “cake” in the index it says “bread, pastries and cakes 301 n.

In paragraph 301 n. you can find 
dessert : more than 40 words, then the same number of sweets and following the line “bread, pastries and cakes” all that can be found in a giant pastry shop. 

Of course, the only cake that is not mentioned is “PETITS FOURS” ... never mind, I don't think I will eat “little ovens” !

article by Nicole Chaumat © Feb 2010

addendum : now I have been told the origin of these French cakes, I think that “little oven cakes” would not be a bad translation >>> see wikipedia (click) for more information
petit four = un petit four a cake = un gâteau an oven = un four
petits fours (sic) = des petits fours
(an unusual plural in English)
pastry = (de la) patisserie
a pastry = une patisserie

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