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a fable - by Ginette and Josette

Ginette is a story-teller. She told us a story at the Garden Party.

Josette is the painter who illustrated the fable.

A long time ago, the sky and the world were near.
The men didn't need to light the lamp.

There's a tall woman.
When she sat near the river, her head was higher than the mountain.

One morning she swept the court.
The clouds were happy.
It was yellow and rose. It tickled the woman's neck.


She didn't like that. She's angry.
She took a broom and she tapped on the clouds.

Very very strong.
The clouds flew high and the sky also.

Since that time, the man opened the lamps because the stars were too high.


article by Ginette Lemenach © 2010
illustration by Josette Gallais © 2010

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