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a letter to the National newspaper


This piece was written by Marie-Claude as part of an exercise and discussion in class in 2010. The question was "why would someone do such a thing?"

The Editor, 
National Newspaper,
Fleet Street,
London EC4 1DH,
United Kingdom.  


1289 rue ------ --- -- -------,
76520 Franqueville Saint Pierre,

February11th, 2011

Dear Sir,                     

My  dream was to become a journalist with the National Newspaper. As you have seen in my CV, after my ‘A’-levels, I joined a School of Journalism where I studied for 3 years and graduated with a Masters degree in “Jet Set society”. Even though this degree sounds weird, I believe that many people are interested by the subject.

For the last five years, I have applied for a job in the National Newspaper and sent you a monthly letter with an attached article on the local Jet Set society, hoping that you would reply. I spent nights dreaming of your answer. I imagined that my good friend, the postman, would deliver the letter with the famous name “National Newspaper” in capitals. He would smile and tell me “Miss, you’ve got a letter from the National Newspaper! Hope you’ll have the job. But we will lose you; you will have to go to the Big City. Sad, we’ll miss you for sure, no more gossip in our local newspaper!”.

My neighbours love the articles I write in our local newspaper. They say that my gossip stories are good, funny, without being vulgar or nasty. The truth is that it takes me days to check my information: I do not hesitate to ride my bicycle– during day time as well as at night, under snow, rain or sunshine– around the rich Mansions of the county, luxurious restaurants and night-clubs of our town, evergreen golf course, where our Jet Set live, dine, swim, play golf, and meet.

I feel that my local readers forget their recurrent worries when they read my articles which take them into another world they will never know unless they win the jackpot at some national lottery, and the jet-setters never complain about my articles. Finally, I am quite happy to be a local newspaper journalist. Everybody knows me, everybody always says hello to me and has nice words for me. My boss is satisfied with my work, and I feel like the Queen of the town.

For all these reasons, I have decided to refuse your offer to join the National Newspaper, even though it was my dream. I have realised that I cannot leave my town, my local newspaper, my neighbours, my postman, and the articles I write about “my” Local Jet Set: they are my life.

Thank you, Sir, for your letter which I had been expecting for so many years.

                                                                                 Yours faithfully,

                                                                             Marie-Claude L

                                                                                 The Local Gossip Journalist

vocabulary (in English, en français)
the Jet Set = les peoples people = persons = plural of person un people = a jet-setter

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