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English I love you!

Cathy tells us why and how she came to adore the English language

“Practice makes perfect”. I have decided to take up the challenge to share something of myself with you.

Actually, I have always been passionately fond of the English language. I caught this bug when I was 12 as soon as I attended my first English lesson! It required a lot of self-work and time but made me so happy! Sticking to me without yielding, it made me train with “How to learn English without pain” tapes; it made me  listen to BBC radio broadcasts; it made me learn songs ; it made me read novels, stories, plays, papers, and so on…

In addition, about a year ago, I became aware that I also could use those wonders of modern technology called digital versatile disks (DVDs): I select films based on English or American novels or stories so that I can also buy the books and, as I am music-mad, I also buy the film scores! The bug has become greedier and greedier: now it costs me an arm and a leg!

What else could I do to complete this wonderful trip through English? Just talk with friendly and cheerful English-speaking and English-learning people! And guess whom I am thinking of?


Article by Cathy Adilly (May 2011 - with many thanks to the Editorial Committee)
vocabulary (in English, en français)
a bug = an insect, an illness, a problem to yield = to give up, to cede a score = une partition
greedy = gourmand greedier = more greedy a film score = film music
to take up a challenge = to accept it a wonder = a marvel;
to wonder = to ask, to marvel
to be aware of something = to know of it, perhaps vauely
to attend = to wait be present mad [adj] = mentally ill, crazy, highly motivated music-mad = keen on music
broad [adj] = wide, large = large to cast = to throw to broadcast = to emit (radio)
a broadcast = a (radio) programme
large = big, large ILY is an abbreviation used in text messages  

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