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A walk in the countryside

On 17th May 2011 in the afternoon, we went for a walk, from the Lycée car-park along the track in the fields towards Belbeuf, turning left towards where the track goes down into the forest.

We saw various birds, plants, and other wildlife.
The weather was nice although the wind was cool . . .

vocabulary - move the cursor over a word to see an image
(*) indicates 'expected but ot seen' - (h) means 'heard' not seen
meadow field pebble track path
grass corn tree maize wheat
pansy fence
stone barbed wire
bush bark
sycamore hawthorn
solomon's seal starling
woodpigeon lady orchid
poppy collared dove*
warbler (h) beech  
turtle dove* valley
oak forest
buttercup trefoil
fallow holly daisy weed flint
cow robin (h) wood valley oak
badger* boar* birch skylark (h) fox*
woodpecker* hill oak fern speedwell*



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