The Lost Hungry Tourist in FSP

by Nicolas Delphine Manon and Jean-Baptiste, with a little help from Jan, in the Tuesday 19:15 class

D M JB:  … rhubarb … rhubarb … rhubarb ...

N:              he arrives, looking lost … he looks around and sees the others
Where am I?

D M JB:  … rhubarb ... rhubarb ... rhubarb ...

N:  Excuse me!  I think I'm lost!  
Could you please tell me whether there is a baker’s shop here?

JB:  The weather!!!  Yes, it's hot today!!  
It's to be expected because Franqueville has a temperate climate.  
In summer there is often high pressure over Europe.

N:  Yes … you are right … your weather is nice... but I'm hungry!  
Can you please tell me where the baker shop is?

D:  I think ther’s a baker that way and … uummmm … another baker there

M:  Yes there are three bakers, two banks, two hairdressers, a newsagent, two butchers, a grocer and two supermarkets.

N:  That's great! But I'm hungry!!! Can you tell me where the bakery is?

M:  The last time I went there, I bought an enormous sandwich and a chocolate cake.  They were delicious.

D:  YUM YUM!!!  
… And I can't quite remember whether there are two or three bakers in Franqueville.

JB:  The weather! Tomorrow it might snow, because the wind from Canada will blow over the city.

N:                                                                                         exasperated
I'm hungry! Where is the bakers?

M:  The other bakers are quite good too.

N:  I still don’t know!                                                           he looks cross
I’m starting to get angry now.

D:  I think it is that way.  I’m going to see
                                                                                      she goes off

M:  No!  No!  No!  It’s this way
                                                                                      she goes off

N:                                                                                   he looks around
I’m going to find out for myself
                                                                                       he goes off

JB: The weather’s lovely, don’t you think?
La la la-la!                                                                        he goes off