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by our Tuesday 15.15 group

"It is during the night when it is beautiful to believe in the light." [Edmond Rostand]

I like this quotation because it is necessary to hope even when there is nothing positive on horizon.


"Do not do to anyone what you do not want anyone to do against you." [Unknown author]

I always try to apply this principle


This saying is also expressed "Do as you would be done by."


"Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today." [Proverb]

I agree with it and before in my work I applied it. Today I do the opposite!


"A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush." [Proverb]

It means that it is better to have something than to hope for it. It is a nice image but too materialistic.


"Science without conscience is the ruin of the soul." [Rabelais, 1532]

With knowledge man seeks, discovers, invents and tests. But without morality he can destroy the society: e.g. nuclear/military; selection of embryo for non-therapeutic reasons.

So it serves the common good. I think that Science should be accompanied by Ethics to avoid drift.


Vocabulary and explanations

'to put off' means to arrange a new date for something to take place, later than planned

'to agree with' means to have the same opinion as another person

'to apply' means to use or to bring something into operation (mettre en application)

'to be worth' means to have the same value

'a bush' is a kind of tree with stems of moderate length

'the soul' is a person's moral or emotional nature (nature profonde/esprit)

'knowledge' is the total of what is known

'to seek' is to try to find or obtain

'an embryo' is an unborn human being in the first eight weeks of its development

'therapeutic' relates to the healing of disease

'Ethics' is a set of moral principles or rules of behaviour (Science des moeurs et de la morale)

'to avoid drift' means to avoid any use of scientific discoveries for the wrong purpose or in the wrong way

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