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"We should not be scared about what the future might hold. Nobody and nothing on the earth can know all the possible futures. What we see or anticipate is only one reality.
It is we that now shape it. The decisions we make, the actions we take"

[From Merlin - Arthurian Legends]

This hope-engendering quotation is like a "lantern in the dark" for me because everytime I feel very anxious about an inconvenient or painful reality I have to face, it makes me remember my own deep conviction that nothing is definitely bound to happen.

I am clinging to the idea that I am free to choose, free to decide and free to act or not. Free to change this inconvenient or painful reality and get it better and better, no matter how long it might take.

To do so, I know that I must not be afraid of making inappropriate decisions or of taking inappropriate actions. Since I can freely decide and act differently as soon as I get aware of it I clapperboarddo cherish the idea that I can write and act a part of my life scenario every day!

by Cathy, published May 2012


to be scared about something means to be afraid of it

to shape one's future is to determine it

it is bound to happen means it will inevitably happen

clinging to an idea means holding tight to it

when I get aware of it means when I realize it


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