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"Roses of Life must be picked" [Virgil - the Aeneid]

explained by Farid

I remember a quotation I studied at school when I was fourteen.This quotation was at the end of a latin text written by Virgil. But I don’t use it every day.

aeaneasThis quotation shows that we must make the most of life. Life can be short, diseases or accidents can occur but we don’t know when.

The quotation “ Roses of life must be picked ” was written by Virgil, a Roman poet (70 BC - 19 BC) in The Aeneid, I think.

The Aeneid relates the journey of Aenas. Ulysses entered the city of Troy and Aenas, the king of the city, ran away with his father Anchises  on his shoulders and his son Ascagnius. He went to Africa, met Dido (the queen of Carthage) and created the city of Rome.

by Farid, published 1 June 2012



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