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Play and Learn ... and Sing!

Wednesday Tuesday mornings, 11.30 10.30 A.M. at Play and LEarn


Our choir story goes back five years or so. One day after our Tuesday morning English class, a few of us decided to stay outside the premises, for a chat. Among other things, we got to talking about music and songs. When one of our mates let us know that he had been playing the guitar and singing with other friends for years, somebody said jokingly: "Why not try and sing better than the Beatles! The idea of singing together caught on and that is how our choir was born! A year ago, our guitarist had the good idea to rename the choir Play and Learn and Sing. Later on, one or two members attending another English class joined us.

Our first performance was to sing "Old Mac Donald" with children for a Children's Summer Fete. We were all dressed up as farmers and everybody had great fun!
If we started our career singing children's songs, we have since extended our repertoire to all kinds of English and British and American songs.

Last June we even took up the challenge to sing in Japanese. Next June we will try and sing in Russian! What's more, we will interpret Henri Salvador's beautiful French song "Syracuse" in English! Translating it took a lot of time and effort! But, thanks to our knowledge in English and one of our teachers' help, we did it!
AND ... would you believe it? ... we also composed our own song we called "Play and Learn Madison" which we sang last June at both the Tuesday and the Thursday garden and cricket parties. Our challenge was to make everybody dance and everybody did!

Of course, today we are not as talented and famous as the Beatles! But we have improved in English and in singing. Our weekly practices and rehearsals are merry and relaxed and we have friendly relationships.

"THE MORE, THE MERRIER"!  If you like English, if you like singing, just join us!

text by Anne, Annette, Annick, Atsuko, Cathy, Guy, Heike and Olena
(with special thanks to our Editorial committee)

vocabulary (in English, en français)
Our story goes back five years means that it started five years ago.


All the classrooms and other rooms in the Play and Learn building form the Play and Learn premises.


A chat is a talk or a conversation.  
A mate is a friend.  
The idea caught on means that it was well accepted.
catch on, caught on, caught on
When you are attending a class, you are going to it. assister à ...
We took up the challenge means that we accepted the adventure. take, took, taken
Our rehearsals are regular training sessions. We train in order to sing our best possible with everybody during the garden parties.  
“The more, the merrier!” is a saying in English “Plus on est de fous, plus on rit!”

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