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Authoring and editorial process for articles by our members

written by Jan

  1. Any member of P&L can choose to become an Author and write about some interesting subject.
  2. The article can be fact, fiction, or opinion, with or without pictures or photos, and it can be in any format chosen by the Author [although preferably it should be short].
  3. The Editorial Committee (which is in fact the Author's class or group at P&L) reviews the article and discusses modifications and improvements.
  4. The Author and the Editorial Committee also suggest content for the glossary.
  5. The Author stays in charge of the final content of the article.
  6. The group's teacher acts as a 'facilitator' for this improvement process, not as a 'corrector'.
  7. When there is consensus between the Author and the Editorial Committee, the article is published and linked from the article-index-page, and the members' page.
  8. The group - or the author - should also prepare a glossary for the article, and choose a nice image or images.

This procedure means that depending on the level of the group, articles may be published with imperfect English, but this does not matter; the difficult process of writing, discussing, and creating something together is the important part of this exercise.

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