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Lost Property - available until 15 Oct 2014 : now disposed-of

Many of the objects have been with us for months now. They should be claimed by the 15th of October, failing which they will be removed.

In addition to the objects shown below, there are several pairs of glasses waiting on the shelves, for their owners (ask your teacher about this).

stainless steel serving tray
[plat de service en inox]
serving tray

plastic food box
[boite de stockage en plastique]
storage box


red umbrella
[parapluie rouge]
red umbrella


small backpack and tennis shoes
[sac-à-dos "Seine Maritime" et tennis] backpack and shoes


black and white scarf
[écharpe noire et blanche]
black and white scarf


waterproof jacket
[blouson imperméable]
waterproof jacket


sleeveless warm jacket
[blouson sans manches]

pairs of glasses

N'oubliez pas!
Date limite : le 15-oct-2014


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