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Play and Learn


Parents’ Association for Disabled Children of the Eure
brioches - October 2014

Once more, as every year, we need you.
We are holding our annual brioche sale in favour of our disabled children and adults.

Last year, more than 13 000 brioches were sold!

With your help, we will continue to provide leisure activities and equipment (including bicycles, vehicles, etc., …), and build and restore premises for people who cannot at present be looked after in appropriate housing.

The price of our 300 g (12 oz) brioches will be 5 €.
They will be delivered in the week ending 10th October.

You can order your brioches from our friend Sylvie LE DALL, who will bring them to Play and Learn on Tuesday 7th or on Friday 10th October .

With grateful thanks; on behalf of our disabled children and adults


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