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bendir (frame drum)

A Trek in Morocco

by Josette and Nelly, with help from their class

Josette and Nelly recently went trekking in Morocco.
This is their account of eight days in the Siroua area.

In October I went to Siroua region in Morocco with friends to drop medicine and children's clothes.

We had Abdou our guide with four mules and their drivers for our bags and food.

Everyday we walked under the sun.

We saw beautiful landscapes and villages.

The main crop in the region is saffron.

We walked on scree in very strong wind to reach the top of Siroua.

We enjoyed the beautiful panorama at 3350 meters.

Every day we drank good tea and we ate good food.

The cook Mohamed made excellent meals for us.

Before the dinner Abdou and his companions played bendir and sang.

Everything has an end, this escape to Morocco will stay a good memory.

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to drop means to let something fall,
or to deliver
  mule a cross between a horse and a donkey
driver a person who drives something (a vehicle or an animal such as a mule)   crop plants that are cultivated by a farmer or a peasant for food or to sell
saffron a valuable spice which comes from small crocus-like flowers   spice a French word: épice
scree stony (and difficult) mountain slope   Siroua a high rocky mountain (altitude 3350m) with very little vegetation
bendir a percussion instrument, known also as a frame drum      

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