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Pradip - after the earthquake

by Josette, Claudine and Roseline

Pradip is a Himalaya mountain guide. His wife is Bindu.
Prasuma, Pradipti, and Nima are their daughters. Nima was adopted from a Sherpa family to help her study. Prasiddha is their son.
They live on the heights of Kathmandu. His agency is in Thamel, the picturesque district of Kathmandu. His means of transportation is the motorcycle for all his travels. For strolls with his family it is necessary to take a taxi, and the price is negotiated.

Today, after the earthquake, the family live in a tent. Their house is damaged and dangerous. The children's school is damaged too, and there are no classes.

Pradip's parents live in Dolakha, 130 kilometres (4 hours by motorcycle) from Kathmandu. Since the two earthquakes, numerous villages in the whole region are destroyed. People are homeless and the rains are starting; the Monsoon has arrived.

Pradip and his team of volunteers are going to leave to bring tents, blankets, and food to Dolakha.

Your contributions to this effort will be much appreciated


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