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Play and Learn

In early 2016 we will celebrate

the 30th anniversary of our Association

Play and Learn was officially created in October 1985. We are therefore 30!

Fondée en octobre 1985, notre Association a 30 ans et fêtera son trentenaire au début de l'année 2016.

We will be celebrating our anniversary at various occasions in the New Year, and we invite you to suggest ideas too. Any such ideas or projects must be relatively easy to organise (you will be the organisers!) and not too costly.

Further information will be posted here, and distributed in class, after Christmas. Des renseignements supplémentaires seront diffusés par vos professeurs et par affichage dans nos locaux, et ici sur internet.


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Play & Learn = l'anglais pour tous - Franqueville-St-Pierre
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