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plane crash

a sketch written by Justine, Maëva, Ophélie, Bastien, Djoe, Charbel
and played at the Children's Summer Fete in 2016

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Ophélie: Oh look! What a lovely day on the sea side!

Justine: Oh yes!

Maëva: Look! There is a plane!

Justine: Where? Where?

Ophélie: There!

Justine: Oh yes! I see it now!

Ophélie: There is a problem with the motor!

Maëva: The plane is burning!

Ophélie: Oh no! What about the pilots?

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John: Commander, commander the plane is burning!

Steve: OK John, are you sure?

John: Yes commander absolutely certain!

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Steve: I call the control tower...commander Steve to control tower. Over.

Control tower: Hello, this is ground control to commander Steve, what's happened? Over

Steve: The plane is burning. What do we do? Over

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Control tower: Check the plane, check your parachutes, and jump. Over and out.

Steve: Ok over and out...John check your parachute!

John: Ok, sir...I'm jumping now.

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Justine: Look there is a parachute!

Maëva: Yes, the first pilot is jumping.

Ophélie: Look, the second is jumping too!

Justine: His parachute isn't oppening!

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Maëva: He is going to hit the ground.

Ophélie: The wind! The wind!

Justine: He is in the sea!

Maëva: It's okay!

Ophélie, Justine et Maëva: pheeeeeewwwwww


a sketch by Justine, Maëva, Ophélie, Bastien, Djoe, Charbel


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