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shortbreadShortbread recipe - hmmm! delicious!

- recipe translated ... and shortbread eaten
by Maëlle, Loïc, Louis, Camille, Blanche

- shortbread cooked by Camille


100g sugar
200g good salted butter at room temperature
300g flour

Mix everything, for a long time.
Make a ball of pastry.
Spread the pastry on baking paper.
The pastry must be about 1cm thick. Refrigerate.


Cut into discs of 6.5 cm diameter (or other shapes).
Put in the oven and cook at 150° for 30 minutes.

hmmm! delicious!

- shortbread cooked by Camille

- recipe translated ... and shortbread eaten
by Blanche, Camille, Louis, Loïc
, Maëlle


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