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List of phrasal verbs, in random order

Phrasal verbs are made up of a basic verb and a particle (usually a preposition). The combination has a new meaning which can be close to the original basic meaning, or very different.

For example, get up means se lever, but 'to get' is to obtain (obtenir) and 'up' means vers le haut or debout.

Below is a very long (but incomplete) list of phrasal verbs, in no particular order.

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use up

zip up

hang out (with)

clear up

start out

lock in

break up

call up

fight back

piss off

keep up

wipe up

tear down

hold up

knock off

put past

work out

come in

turn over

tell apart

stand for

try out

put back

think ahead

take out on

hear of

break down

go down

back off

pick on

print out

go after

mess up

help out

crack down

get over with

come from

look over

lead up to

turn out

get ahead

break in

put to

let off

monkey around with

turn in

close down

have on

bump into

talk to

fill up

keep at

come through

hand back

pick out

kick back

show up

look for

lock out

figure out

fall out

stand up

drop out

turn down

light up

slow down

keep to

stick around

wash up

pull out

cool off

burn out

pay back

empty out

leave behind

go about

start off

fool around

break off

sell out

end up

catch on

breakthrough, break through

make out

throw up

go over

look around

pull through

look out

point to

settle down

screw up

give out

give in

run around

run out

go around

beat up

turn off

con into

wear down

go by

cut off

cross off

wrap up

boil down to

space out

go back on


work up

wear off

get back at

put in

turn up

let out

care for

pull over

go off

clean out

get off on

dry off

beef up

move out

gross out

call back

keep from

sort out

get back

stick with

figure on

pick up

give up

look up to

blow up

run over

go out

get together

come down

calm down

get along

carry on

plan on

step on

tear off

hand in

lay off

rip off

pull off

live with

setup, set up

pay for

run down

put out

fall behind

find out

trade in

hang around

hear about

look down on

stick to

call in

narrow down

come down with

lighten up

ask for

put off

come down to

stay up

doze off

leave over, left over

do with

go in, go in for

go for

cut up

feel up to

get through

screw out of

look into

shut up

wipe off

grow out of

break out

hang on

make of

ask out

wear out

flip out

go back

look forward to

come off

burst out

make up

sneak in

come over

go along with

knock out

drop off

look at

move in

count up

stick out

take over

think about

put down

get back to

give back

turn around

get to

put together

let up

head back

knock over

blow out

throw out

eat up

count on

talk out of

put out

fall through

hold off

stay out

let in

come on

think up

cut back

get behind

plan for

call off

chop up

put up with

bite off

come across

open up

dry out

shut off

start up

do over

keep off

goof around

carry out

watch out

turn into

put up to

fall over

take out

take off

back down

keep away

get over

deal with

try on

run across

trick into

talk into

look up

hang up

tell on

come up

come out

burn up

fill out

take up on

blow away

point out

wash off

dry up

hold out

punch in

cheat on

know about

keep on

hand over

brush up

blow off

luck out

hold on

mix up

wake up

get in

sneak out

switch off

get away

do without

plug in

get off

come about

drop in

take in

take back

go beyond

keep down

leave out

clog up

work in

come back

stay off

stick up

float around

believe in

turn on

fall for

get around to

do away with

fall off

go in for

pay up

fall down

settle for

rip up

cut down

lift upon

show off

get up

plug up

bring over

put away

rule out

lay down

let down

track down

run up

give away

warm up

butt in

dress up

get on

sit down

hurry up

plan ahead

put on

straighten out

chicken out

talk down to

cut out

brush off

bring back

Check out

see about

catch up

aim at

build in

wipe out

come apart

go with

freak out

throw away

fix up

stop off

let in on

make for

hold against

clear out

get down

lie around

run into

get out

burn down

line up

stop over

go through with

get out of

cover up

stand around

go up

heat up

go away

follow up

come up with

con out of

close off

hook up

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