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The pigeon - a true story

by Sylvie

One Sunday, the weather was very fine, I was gardening and I saw a pigeon coming to me. It was not afraid and looked at me bending its head. Then it came nearer until it  touched my fingers. I had only to make noise with the the gravel and it came immediately. I could even stroke it.

When I entered my house, it followed me, walked along the dining-room, went on into the kitchen just like it was visiting, turning its lovely head in every direction.

Did you see how beautiful are the borders of its eyes!

But the cat was in the kitchen! They looked at each other, but nobody moved. My husband took the bird and put it in the garden, but it wanted to come back. We had to shut the door.

One or two hours later, we were having a drink outside under our bower. The pigeon landed on the garden table and began to eat some aperitif biscuits with us. It was too funny. I gave it a bowl of water and it drank a lot.

Our son Thomas was so happy to have such an experience!

When we entered our house for diner, it flew to the cherry tree, the nearest tree to our house.

We were very disappointed to notice that the next day and the following days there was no more pigeon in the garden, only turtle doves. 

We are still waiting for it...

a true story by Sylvie

Have a look at a short video when it was on the table outside, or some photos





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