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letter to members - Play and Learn

Summer time!
L'été est presque terminé !


Franqueville St Pierre, 31 August 2016


Dear friends, parents, and students of Play and Learn,

Back to school!

< cette page est plus particulièrement à l'intention de nos membres actuels et anciens >


We hope you have had a wonderful summer and you are ready for your English with us!

Here is some news from the team:
 - Ruth and her family are settling in to their new surroundings in Norfolk.
 - Fiona is ready to take the Intensive Days (starting on Sat 1-Oct, Mon 3-Oct - don't forget to call in advance, to confirm).
 - Nick2 is back from Tanzania.
 - Nick1 will soon be back from the U.K. after spending time there and in Ireland.
 - As you know, our friend Guy also retired this year. Play and Learn and Sing will meet at 11:30 on Wednesdays in future, with Joel, starting on Wednesday 5-Oct at Play and Learn.
 - Joel is now a father! Congratulations!
 - Rosemary (who has retired again - click to see some photos) and Philippe will be going on a trek in Nepal soon. (The new web site of Association Solidarité au Nepal is here: http://27aidenepal.free.fr/ - click)
 - Jan, although retired, will be present to help with the rentrée.

We would like to thank you all for your generosity at the end of last term, and for your kindness and good humour which helps us to help you with your English!

Bonne rentrée à toutes et à tous !
Ruth, Fiona, Rosemary, Nick2, Joel, Nick1, Guy, Jan


P.S. If you can help to put up posters at shops, libraries, town halls, etc., please inform me by mail or by telephone so that your action can be coordinated with the others.
You can print the posters here: one A4 poster (click); two A5 posters (click); four flyers (click); eight flyers (click).


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