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Surprise at the Restaurant

Surprise at the Restaurant

Last week I went to the restaurant in Rouen with my family to celebrate my son’s birthday. My Daughter-in-law ordered ravioli and when her dish arrived she saw that it had a long, black hair in it. So she asked the waitress to take it back and bring her another one. She brought another plate of Ravioli and it was fine, and we finished our meal. But when I asked for the bill, I saw that they had charged us for the Ravioli. I didn’t think that was right. I thought the ravioli should be free because my daughter-in-law had found a hair in it. So I asked the waitress to take it off the bill.
She went away and spoke to the manager. He came and apologised and he took the ravioli off the bill.


waitress  - a woman who serves food in a restaurant (masc = waiter)
bill   -  the price of something you have to pay for, written on a piece of paper
daughter-in-law - the wife of your son (or daughter)



short story by Cécile


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