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“My name is Bob. I’m a cat and all day long I sleep like a marmot ! “

Can Bob really do that ? We will see !

Marmots live in mountains. During the summer they go all over the meadows to find food. They eat loads of plants. They become fat more and more, but they don’t care about their shape. To stock fat is their only preoccupation.

When winter comes they go underground, in their shelters, they roll themselves up like bowls (I know Bob, you can do that! Wait a little!).

They slow down their life : their heart beats twice or three times per minute (80 or 95 in summer). Their breathing is twice or three times per minute (16 in summer), their bodily temperature decreases from 27°C  to 6 or 7 °C.

They are cold, stiff, insensitive, they survive by using their fat.

They take up again activity in the end of April or beginning of May. They are slim and weak. Now, they have an oger’s appetite !

Sorry Bob, you can’t do that ! You eat at least twice a day all year long !

by Danielle, November 2016



meadow a grassland used for pasture un pré      
loads of a lot of beaucoup de      
shelter something which provides cover or protection un abri      
stiff lacking ease of movement raide      





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