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'Familistère' in Guise


In the nineteenth century (1859 -1884) Jean-Baptiste Godin built housing for 2000 residents near his cast-iron stove factory.

Godin wanted to share earned money with all the working class.

He wanted his workers to have the same modern conveniences as the middle class.

He created a cooperative store, a school, a library, a theatre, a laundry service and a swimming pool. He used warm water from the factory to heat each apartment.

Every family who lived in the Familistère could use these modern conveniences.

The swimming pool had a special floor that could go up or go down. So women and children who couldn't swim could go easily.

The building looked like Fourier's Phalanstère. It was a utopian achievement that stopped being used in 1968.

After ten years of restoration and development, the Familistère in Guise is now a museum.


The building of the Familistère in Guise


The inside courtyard with a beautiful glass roof


Different Godin stoves


by Annick



cast iron a mix of iron and carbon fonte      
stove an apparatus for cooking or heating that uses wood or coal un poêle      
convienence something that is useful or helpful for day to day life commodité      
achievement something that is done succesfully accomplissement      

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