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by Cathy







Real (live) trees Artificial trees
  • Cutting down a christmas tree is a tradition: it's a real joy to choose one from the lot.
  • Prevent the cutting of a live tree. Is it right to cut down a living tree just because it looks and smells better?
  • Xmas tree farms help sustain the rural economy and provide jobs, whereas artificial trees are made abroad
  • Transporting real trees and disposing of them after use can be difficult.
  • Another tree is planted for each one harvested to ensure a steady supply year after year.
  • Do not need to be watered and the needles will not drop off and make a mess in the house.
  • Take in CO2 or other harmful greenhouse gases and release fresh oxygen into the air.
  • The cash you spare by buying an artificial tree can be spent on more Xmas food, gifts or decorations.
  • Look and smell better and give a lively and natural atmosphere (fresh scent).
  • They don't bother you if you are allergic to the smell of pines.
  • Don't require storage space in the home.
  • They can't rot.
  • Won't bother you if you are allergic to dust.
  • Can be set up much earlier and left up longer.
  • Remove the hassle of having to choose a tree from the lot.





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