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Trip reports - Jersey - 26 May 2012

You can read about history and things to know about the lovely island of Jersey by clicking here. Or see a slideshow of photos by clicking here.

On this page, we (Yves, Henri) will recount our trip to Jersey.

by Yves
When we arrived on Jersey island, after a journey of 5 hours, it was sunny. Rosemary showed us how to take the bus to Mont Orgueil Castle, where we had our picnic before taking a walk around the castle. We didn’t visit it because the price seemed too expensive to us.
Back to St Helier, we talked with some shopkeepers about the questions of the quiz. Then, we wanted to see the beach and saw by ourselves that it was low tide and that it was possible to reach Elizabeth Castle on foot. This walk was very pleasant. To finish this day we did some shopping and visited a church.
I think I’ll go back but for a 2 day trip to discover the north coast and inland Jersey.

by Henri
Saturday May 26th 2012 with Play and Learn, I went to visit St Helier on Jersey island.
We left Franqueville St Pierre at 6 in the morning and we arrived at Granville at 10 in the morning to take the boat. The weather was beautiful and the sea blue.
In St Helier we took the bus to visit the Castle of Mont Orgueil. It was great to see beautiful houses along the coast before arriving in a small port with the castle above, a real postcard landscape.
After a little shopping we ate a good Jersey ice cream before going to visit the Queen Elizabeth Castle.
Tired but happy with this day where we tried to speak English.

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