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Trees and Shrubs (and even Plants) blooming in Spring

For each clue, type the correct name of the plant, in the blanks.
When you have typed the answer, press right-tabtabto verify your answer and move to the next question; press left-tab tabtab to move back to the previous question.

Quiz written by Marie-France and Cathy



My flowers can be white, pink, mauve, or purple, and look like bunches of grapes (a tree).


I usually bloom in late winter. My flowers almost look like roses and can be white or yellow or red or pink (a tree).


I have pink and white tulip-shaped flowers which open before I get my leaves in the Spring! (a tree).


I have pink pompom-shaped flowers and purple leaves (a bush or a tree).


My small flowers are pink and look like bunches of grapes (a bush).


I am the first bush blooming in early spring and my flowers are yellow.


My pompoms are yellow and I come from Japan (a bush).


I have white small flowers and I produce fruit in late spring or early summer (a tree).


I have white small flowers smelling of oranges (a bush).


I am a shrub with purple or red or pink or white flowers. I have satin-smooth leaves.


I am a fruit tree with white and pinkish flowers. You can pick or buy and eat my fruit in autumn.


I have fir-tree-shaped white or pink flowers and my brown fruit are not edible at all, contrary to people's belief! In Britain, children play conkers with the fruit. (a tree)


I am a shrub with red or pink or white flowers. Sometimes you can recieve me as a gift, in which case I have been potted.


I am a small-ish monocotyledonous plant with a spike of beautiful small purple and whitish flowers, and I grow on roadsides and other wild places even in Franqueville Saint Pierre.




A shrub is a small bush.

A bunch of grapes is une grappe de raisin; a grape is un raisin; and a raisin is a dried grape.

Flowers are tulip-shaped when they look like (have the shape of) tulips.

To smell of something means that the odour resembles that thing.

If something is satin-smooth then it is smooth (lisse) like satin (a type of cloth).

A fir-tree is another name for a coniferous tree.

A pot is un pot. To pot something means to put it in a pot.

A flower-spike is a pointed structure, with many flowers.


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