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Haiku by our children and teenagers

Léa, Jade, Philéas, Bastien, Lou-Ann, Charbel, Djoe, Justine, Ophélie, Loïc, Tom, and Elena are now Haijin.
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We talked about Haiku and they accepted the challenge of writing some! Here are the results:

He eats a goldfish
Small body, small pointed ears
The cat says miaow.
Léa and Louis

My rainbow was three
colours: orange, yellow
and blue. What about you?

I am hungry.
I love burger with chips
but pizza is delicious.
    Favourite crayons
Turquoise, pink, purple, and red
Very beautiful.
Jade and Léa
She has a beautiful body.
It's Wonder Woman. Super powers.

My playstation, my big
bed and my pen blackened:
my home had burnt


My journey is so so
fabulous: I went to
United Kingdom

    Bilbo has got the ring of Sauron.
Smaug has got the eyes of Lord Sauron
Multicoloured bird flying
white wind blowing
in beautiful blue sky



    Haiku is short but good
I write in Rouen
It's very beautiful
Haiku is a Japanese poem
But I write in French
It's pleasant

A cow or a ship
with long thick curly white wool ...
He's quite a small sheep

Ophelie and Justine
    The language of England - very cool
It's my personal opinion

A cow or a zebra
he has got black and red stripes
a crazy zebra

Ophelie and Justine
A scary black cat
Nightmare is a gold fish
My dream is strange

Walking in the cave
Tired and the yellow sun
Taps me on the head


Rainbow butterfly
In front very beautiful
Not here anymore


    Rainbow unicorn
Make and eat a jelly fish
Drugs are bad for life
Going to the sea
eating my favorite cake
the sea took my cake
    I adore it but
It's very bad for body
I love chocolate.

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