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David Bowie

article by Daniel

David Robert Jones died on the 10th of January 2016, probably of liver cancer said Ivo Van Hove the director of Lazarus, Jones's musical. The singer whose stage name is David Bowie was born in Brixton in the southern suburbs of London in January 1947.

Bowie was the name given to a knife used by Colonel James Bowie, named AKA (also known as) Jim, in the 19th century. He played an important role in the Texas revolution against the Mexicans and was killed at the battle of Fort Alamo in 1836.

Jones chose this name because he wanted to be as sharp as this knife also called the Arkansas toothpick.

He was a singer, a composer, a record producer and an actor. He played in several films. He became a star in 1972 produced and collaborated with Lou Reed's and Iggy pop's solo careers. It's impossible to say what his style was for it was always changing. He was interested in soul, funk, disco, rock and electronic music. The latter appeared in the 80s.

He always wanted to change his style because he wished to be there ahead of the crowd. I may say « in the spolights ». He wanted to take ownership of everything. He thought everything belonged to him as an artist and as a man. Every experience was good to taste whether alcohol, drugs, or sex (men and women). At a time he realized that there are limits and could not go farther. It was urgent to leave the States for he was on the way to death. He drank only milk and used cocaine every day. He then decided to leave L.A. in 1976 and flew to Berlin to recover.

In business he also tried different things. He was publicly traded. He introduced his bonds in 1997 at the Wall Street Stock Exchange. This was a success. He sold for 55 million Dollars. He promised an annual yield of 7.9% over 10 years.

He created a troupe of mimes in 1969. He had taken courses in mimics with a British woman who was Marcel Marceau's pupil.

He launched a line of wallpaper associated with the British luxury decoration brand Laura Ashley. He created his own wallpaper collection for David Bowie was also a painter.

He founded the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Long-Haired Men. In the 60s in England the well-thinking people didn't appreciate young hippies in revolt against their elders. The aim of the association is to protect long-haired men from cruelty. It's a provocation.

He had been ill for about 18 months and knew he was at the end of his life. He understood that him as a star would switch off and would become a black star. It's probably the reason why his last record, released 2 days before his death, is called BLACKSTAR.

He was a kind of genius in music. The song « Life on Mars » for instance is a revisited version of « My Way » by Frank Sinatra but with less resignation in the chords.

If I may give my opinion, I should say the song I prefer is « Heroes ».

article by Daniel

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