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David Bowie - 2nd article

(2nd) article by Daniel

Bowie had a creative energy and was always unpredictable. He remained the same until his death. It occured 48 hours after his 69th birthday.

David Robert Jones is dead in New York on sunday the 10th of January 2016. He had been living there far from London where he was born January 8th, 1947 in Haywood Jones' and Margaret Burns' home. His half brother Terry 10 years older than him played a crucial role in his musical education. Terry made David discover jazz and opened the doors of culture to the commuter. David Jones is the sum of a lot of fictional characters and lifes since 1964 when he has stopped playing his white sax and changed for a guitar. At this moment he set fire to music by playing rock and roll. He has changed his birth name against the pseudonym of David Bowie to stand out ( not to be confused ) with Davy Jones the singer of the group « the Monkees » who was at this epoque (  time ) already forgotten.
Not a wall never prevented Bowie from changing skin, from moulting according to his desires and inspirations. Was he a man or a woman ? Probably both because he had no limits in anything. He was the elegant dandy dressed by the greatest fashion designer : Buretti, Kansai Yamamoto, Alexander Mc Queen or Thierry Mugler. He had an elegant outline. He crossed half a century in the outposts, at the forefront. He has changed the codes of the musical comedy.
He was also an actor. He played in merry christmas M. lauwrence, called Furyo in French realised by Oshima. He shines in this film like a diamond and played in about 18 other films.
He had stopped singing on stage in 2013 and wanted to come back in concerts but had no time enough to do it. After his fifties he could not hide he had health issues ( troubles ), his heart for instance and anguish ( distress ) of the time flowing.
In his last record « Blackstar » he gives his will in the third song « Lazarus ».

article by Daniel

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