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A Short Story
including phrasal verbs and past perfect verb tenses

by Daniel

After his illness he decided to clear up the tools in his garage because he had not done it for a long time. At that moment, he took advantage to clear up another problem first for he had been cleared up for one week. 

As he was living at the seaside, he wanted to go and see if the hooks along the fish rods he had put into the sea had caught some fishes. For the moment he could not do it because the mist had not cleared up. To start out he drew his wooden boat out of the garage and waited for better weather.

He had enough time to call up his great friend to know if he would agree to join him. They were not in a hurry because they knocked off some months ago.

Two hours later the mist had cleared up so it was time to go fishing. Both men were ready to leave but first they had to launch the boat. Once that was done, they used up the sails to go to the fishing lines.

They broke up when they realised they had not caught any fish.

short story by Daniel

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break up to stop being friends
  knock off to retire, to stop working
break up to stop an activity
  knock off to stop doing something
clear up (things) to sort
  use up to use completely
clear up (a problem) to solve/resolve
clear up (an illness) to recover/cure
  clear up (a situation) to disappear

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