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Play and Learn

The Amazing World of Idioms

by Cathy

I have always had a weakness for idioms. I find the fact that the meaning of a whole idiom is/be different from the meaning of each word it is composed of, very attractive and funny. I am very keen on writing too, so, some time ago, it came to my mind that I could try and use idioms in a short story just to see and for the fun of it! Not an easy task actually, but quite an interesting writing experience!

Now my friends, are you ready to enter the amazing world of English idioms?


Idioms challenge:

  1. Can you spot the idioms in the above text? How many can you find?

  2. And now your turn! Can you take up the challlenge and write a short story using some idioms that you know? Send your text to playandlearn@free.fr (click) and discuss it with your class and your teacher before publishing it here.

Glossary of idioms and expressions (read articles first please)

click here >> see the glossary >> hide the glossary - but please first read the articles



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